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We are pleased to announce the launch of Bookopedia -Compact Books . A series of condensed, reference, short stories and info' e books - exclusive to Amazon Kindle.


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Bookopedia - Compact

The world of publishing is rapidly changing. It has never been easier to see your work in print. However, as with all advances in technology, there is always a downside.


The last thing you want to see, is your precious work mishandled. Poor formatting, an equally poor book cover and a general lack of attention to detail, can ruin what should be your proudest moment.


That's where we at Bookopedia can help. Whether you have a short story or info book you wish to convert to an e-book format, or an 80,000 word manuscript, we have a solution to suit your needs.


We are actively searching for new authors  to place on our Bookopedia imprint list. This can be a fresh work or maybe you just need a new home for your existing work - either way, we would like to hear from you.


For full works

Please send a brief synopsis and the first two chapters using this link .



Bookopedia where the writer comes first..Because the people involved at Bookopedia are principally from a writing background, we understand what writers need. That's why we have teamed up with Amazon to offer a multi platform approach to publishing


We don't make extravagant claims, neither do we charge exhorbitant fees to place your work. What we will do is take an honest view of your work and, if possible, help you with your first or ongoing work.



This is the original Bookopedia website founded in 2008. We wish to make it clear that we have, and never have had, any direct connection whatsoever with the new Indonesian website Bookoopedia.


No correspondence will be entered into concerning them or any facet of their business.


March 2015

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