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Christopher Holt


Here we feature Christopher Holt in a frank question and answer interview.


Bookopedia - What is your inspiration for writing ?

Christopher –  You remember the Ancient Mariner? He had a permanent, irresistible compulsion to tell a story. I can relate to that. I've been telling stories for as long as

I can remember and always enjoyed doing it. Writing fiction is just another facet of

the story teller.


B – What are you writing currently –

C -  I  have just released my latest novel - 'The Winter Chaser', a dystopian novel set in Britain    during the next century.


B –  Do you have much contact with your fellow writers or are you a lone bird ?.

C – I'm not a misanthrope but I work best on my own.


B - Which part of the writing process gives you the most pleasure ?

C – Scribbling in long hand the very beginning of the narrative, usually in one of those black A4 Ryman books with the hard cover.


B - Do you work on impulse for your writing, or are you methodical -  eg so many words a day ?

C - I try to be methodical, to make it a real job. Rarely, though, do I spend more than three hours a day on straight narrative.    I probably give more time to that on research and self-editing. However I always carry a tiny notebook and jot down the odd idea. phrase or description wherever I am during the day. I find eaves- dropping useful.


B - What is your greatest strength in human terms, and how does it impact upon your writing ?

C - I have always been very impressionable and I carry those impressions for years. They provide me with a ready source of  authentic material.


B -  Are you a person of strong faith, not just in a religious  sense, but spiritually ?

C – Yes. I cannot imagine a life devoid of spirituality; I think it is intrinsic to the human condition.


B – Do you believe anybody can write ?

C - Well, yes. But this doesn't mean that everyone has the will to write. You have to want to, very much.


B - When you are not scribbling what gives you the greatest pleasure ?

C -  A long second to the special people in my life, it would be the natural world, especially wild seas on lonely winter coasts.


B - Are you warming to the use of technology in publishing or are you a bit of a luddite at heart ?

C- I choose the best tool available to me to do the job at hand. The latest electronic technology is part of our world and we would be Luddites, and arrogant Luddites at that,  if we spurned it. However, I still find value in the simpler tools of the trade:  pencil - paper-spidery dip pens, a tattered dictionary and a well thumberd thesaurus. With regard to publishing,  the new options available to authors excite me. I support the revolution!


B – Your one great wish, personally or for the world ?

C -  It would be wonderful, I think, if we gave up looking at human beings en masse, eg  by racial, generational, national, religious, and cultural groups, and instead, took the trouble, to empathise with  Lear's "bare forked animal" - the individual stranger: woman, man or child that zooms in to our daily focus.



Thank you and good luck with your new book  





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