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Christopher Holt

 Christopher Holt - The Gate of Tears


When Bronwyn Huguet sails in the Rarotonga from Liverpool in 1946 with five-year-old Tristan to be reunited with her Australian husband Robert in Sydney, she does so with mixed feelings. Her husband has become a changed man. He carries a shameful secret from his wartime service in the Merchant Navy, which is gnawing away at his soul.


Gate of Tears is set in Sydney's northern suburbs in the years immediately following the Second World War.

The Gate of Tears

The Winter Chaser - Christopher Holt

Now available on Kindle


Following the stunning 'Gate of Tears', Christopher Holt,

has gone to the other end of the spectrum, with this

chilling tale of 'A Future Britain'. Once again, his

descriptive narrative, and command of our language

is exceptional.- A compelling Read


Christopher has taken the unusual step of releasing via e- book before a traditional print-copy - we think this could be a very clever move - considering the very attractive price of £2.99 for a full-book download  

The Winter Chase FD meet the author

Follow The Honey Bird (non fiction Bookopedia Compact)


Studies of the relationship between living creatures and their

natural environment usually falter when human beings are

included among the “living creatures”. Many ecologists keep

humans out of the mix altogether.


In this compact book of observations and anecdotes, I have

tried to show how we, as human beings, cannot be subject

to the stern laws of ecology, even if we wanted to be.

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