Bookopedia Heading


Just when you thought the madness of celebrity books had disappeared, up pops the latest round of insane deals. Katie Price, recently at No 1 in the best sellers, with a book that she openly admits she didn't pen, further boasts, that the publishers are chasing her for another 'Literary Masterpiece. Paul O'Grady, who in fairness does write his own work - is given a multi-million contract - and if you've come first in Big Brother or some other inane reality show, then 'sign here'  


How depressing is this for genuinely talented authors who cant squeeze a miserable £10,000 advance out of these lunatic publishers. Ask them why they follow celebrity ? and they will troll out the usual pap - 'it helps support the industry as a whole, and this trickles down to new authors' - absoulute rot.


What it actually does, is creates more utter tosh for the market place as publishers act like sheep.


Wake up and smell the coffee - for the price of another ridiculous advance you could take on forty grateful authors, who would in return, offer you loyalty and quality.

Who knows, you may even discover the next J.K.Rowling in the process !