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Linda Louisa Dell

About Linda Louisa Dell

In 1992 Linda attended Middlesex University, studying Spanish: Science and Technology for four years. She then travelled extensively in Central and South America including a 9-month stay in Costa Rica studying at the University of Costa Rica.

She has  been the author of several published articles  and featured in such publications as    the Lady and Prediction.

Her first book, Can’t Sleep Won’t Sleep (Reasons and remedies for insomnia,) took three years to research and write and was published in 2005.  Dreamtime (A History, Mythology, Physiology and Guide to the Interpretation of Dreams,) was published in 2008. Aphrodisiacs, Aphrodite’s Secrets, (Sexuality, Sexual dysfunction and an A-Z, history and anecdotal use of aphrodisiacs,) was published in 2009. Mystic Moon, (A history of the world’s mythology surrounding the moon,) published in 2010. All were published by Capall Bann.


Writers’  Inteview

Here we feature Linda Louisa Dell in a frank question and answer interview.


Bookopedia - How did you come to take up writing ?

Linda – I have always written poetry and short stories even as a child. It took a few years to get the confidence to send anything out for publication. Now I find I can’t stop myself.


B – You are about to launch a new book, a collection of short stories – what was your motivation to do this as against your ‘Novel  Writing’ ?

L – I decided to publish a book or short stories for three main reasons.

I have tried repeatedly to break the short story market but less and less magazines are not accepting short stories. This is despite the fact that short fiction is becoming very popular particularly on e-readers.

The second reason is that I get lots of ideas that could be novels but I don’t have the time or inclination to develop them as novels.

I also like the discipline of working to a specific word count.  You will see in my book the story Tree that I have written some very short stories with as little as 100 -150 words.


B – We all know that things are tough at the present, and the book world has not escaped from the  economic  slowdown. What advice would you have for new writers of any age?

L – Don’t give up. It is very hard at times and all authors even very established one have to take knock backs and rejection. But if you believe in what you do and get pleasure from it, keep going.


B - Which part of the writing process gives you the most pleasure ?

L –  I love to see a story come together. I start with the plot but the characters are very important. They are what make the story come alive. Sometimes they take over.  I have often been brought to tears when reading. A good book or short story should evoke emotion. If I can evoke some emotion in my readers I am happy.


B  - Are you routined in your writing, eg so many words a day, or do you have to work frantically when the mood strikes ?

L –  I often wake up in the morning with an idea. I do try to write every day. But I don’t force myself. If it’s not coming I stop and do something else.  I do a lot of research so there is always something to look up and books to read. I do not force myself to write so many words a day


B - If you had one wish for readers and writers alike – what would it be  ?

L – This is a difficult one. I would like there to be more financial support for writers. I believe that many a brilliant writer or poet may give up. This may be due to rejection, lack of artistic support and lack of monetary support.

I would recommend any aspiring writers to get together with like minded people.  Talk, read and discuss. Above over all enjoy what you are doing. Unfortunately we can’t end up like J.K Rowlings of Dan Brown.

B  -  Are you a person of strong faith, not just in a religious  sense, but spiritually ?

L –  I am not a religious person in the sense of organized religion. I do think I am a spiritual person, but more in the way of nature. I certainly have my own moral code that has nothing to do with organized religion.


B – Will you keep writing or will you retire ?

L -  I will hopefully always want to write. And I will continue as long as the muse visits.


B -  Who gives you most pleasure in reading terms and why ?

L – My reading tastes are very varied. I love a good story, but it must have a proper plot and interesting characters.  I like Thomas Hardy, and I like many of the contemporary writers of today. I can’t say that I have favourite writer. I would depend on my mood at that moment.


B -  What do you think of the growing popularity of e books, and will the printed book survive ?

L – I do think that printed books will survive. But there is going to be big shift to e books. I was talking to someone the other day who said. “Children today are missing out on having a library in their bedroom or using libraries in general because they were accessing their reading via e books.”

I replied that with e books children have access to thousands of books including all the free books that are out of copyright. This means that they are reading books they would not normally read. This can't be a bad thing. My hope is that the market will find its level and the two formats will run side by side.


B – One piece of general advice for your fellow man/woman ?

L – Live for yourself, keeping in mind that your happiness is very closely linked with the happiness and contentment of those around you.

Be strong, be fair and be true to yourself.


Thank you and good luck with the new book – THE STORY TREE



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