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Plan Your Book Launch

So, you've written your book, you've found yourself an independent publisher, and youi need to tell the world about your book

Here's where we can help ! 

We can offer a complete promotional package covering independent book shops, press, and on -line visibility.


For best results, you should be working on all these aspects of your promotion approx 8-10 weeks before the launch date of your book. Remember, you are trying to create interest and news, once your book is published and on sale, it ceases to be news, instead, becoming ongoing promotion, and thetrefore far more diificult to create press coverage etc.


Here's how you promotion pack works and what it costs. Please note because the first two elements of your package are carried out by third party professionals, we cannot offer part packages, this is an all or nothing promotion.


Stage 1:

PR - Your complete book details and synopsis will be sent to 500 registered journalists /editors etc. This is a one-off presentation to people who matter. These are all registered users of one PR company and therefore request this info- this is not a blind drop. One off cost £180.00.


Stage 2:

Independent Bookshops. Despite the march of the on-line bookstores, there are still a considerable amount of independent bookshops out there. Your complete book details will sent out to over 700 independent bookshops. The info will list youir ISBN number, book release date and details inc' cover and brief synopsis, plus order details - publishere etc.

This add will run for one month - Monthly cost £90.00 (can be booked for longer if desired).


Stage 3:

On Line awareness. Listing to Bookopedia inc JPeg photo and web link (either your own or Amazon). One off cost £19.00 per annum.


Waterstones link via Preference links. This is in essence a mini web page, including full descriptive text, large image with link to Waterstone's website, extra link of your choice. Full keyword back-listing and set up. £30.00


Amazon - as above  £30.00


Book depository - as above £30.00


W.H.Smith - as above £30


Free listing on Reverse CV


Page listing on reverse CV £30.00


10 Web spot-ads (various) £36.00


Free Shvroong ad


Total package cost:  £475.00


This is your total promotional cost, there are no hidden extras.

All promotional packs must be pre-paid, as we are committed to external costs the minute we enact your listings.


Things to check before you commit to this publicity and promotional package:


Are you well in advance of your publication date ?


Have you chosen a publisher who distributes through the two main UK book wholesalers ?

If your book is only listed with Amazon etc and not set up for high street retail, then this package is not for you. - You need Stage 3 only


This is an excellent publicity offer, comprehensive, detailed, and trackable.


Please be aware, this is not a sales operation, you will still have to make arrangements for direct sale to shops. The package is designed to promote your presence within a very tough market place. What it will do however, is lift your profile both in retail and on-line terms, and offer your work to the booktrade on a very professional basis. There is no guarantee of book sales - they have to be sold - this you can do yourself with a determined mindset, and once you have promoted properly via this system, the trade, and hopefully the public, will be far more aware of you and your work.  



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