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How to present your work

Manuscripts must be presented in an electronic format, preferably a word document, if this is a problem we will accept PDF.

Maximum text allowable - for our compact range 5, 000 - 10,000 words

For our Impprint titles, normally 60,000 - 120, 000 words this can be extended for larger works.


Cover image supplied by you - minimum 300 DPI (dots per inch) We can supply an image if required, see costs below.

The price quoted is for text only, all images or illustrations must be quoted for.


Manuscripts must be set out to include the following

Title page

Copyright etc (we will help you format this)

Dedication page if applicable

Content page if applcable

Introduction page

Pages set out in chapter form

If not proof read, then a basic check for literals (spelling errors)

Bibliography - if applicable

Special thanks - if applicable



Supply of cover image - £40 - £120.00 dependant upon the complexity required


Proof Reading - we can arrange for an independent proof reader to qualify your manuscript - Approx cost - £4 per thousand words up to 80,000 words and £3 per thousand thereafter


How long does it take ?

If you are supplying a proof-ready work, and there are no problems regarding the image, then e books can be a matter of days -otherwise we will quote.


Good preparation is vital in creating a quality finished article

Here are a few of the essentials required before we start ion your project

Book Preparation