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Become A Bookopedia Imprint Author


What is a Bookopedia Imprint author ?

A Bookopedia Imprint Author is an author who has submitted their work for publication in print form, and is now listed within our sales programme.


Bookopedia Imprint & Bookopedia Compact are distributed solely via Amazon worldwide.


How long does it take before my book is on open sale ?

Providing there are no delays with the cover etc, and the manuscript submitted has been checked and accepted, then within 7- 10 days your book title could be in print.


What are the costs ?


Books up to and including 120,000 words (larger books qoted)

Compilation, draught pdf, basic literals (not full editing), layout and uploading work.




From £ 40.00 - £120.00 dependant upon complexity


Free of Charge Extras

We will, wherever possible, promote via our extensive web base (part of Backs epub) your work and profile. Your book will, in addition to Amazon worlwide, be placed on Bookopedia new releases and e books pages.If you have a website, we can also set up a reciprocal link.This arrangement will remain, on the strict understanding that your titles are published solely by Bookopedia.


What will I earn?

Obviously, this is dependent upon actual book sales. The one great advantage of developing your book format in such an inexpensive way is the speed of completion. However, this does come at a cost - unlike the kindle e book royalties, the Amazon platform for the printed book is very complex - we will quote approx earning once we know your exact book details.


For this reason, we recommend you publish an e book alongside your traditional printed work.


What are the financial terms of the agreement ?

Our agency fees are 15% of nett royalties payable + 5% a/c management fees. these are extremely compettive fees, when compared with traditional publishing (15% of book retail and publishers percentage).


Do you promote my work

We are in the unusual position of being both publisher and agent for your work. there is no cost to you for any in-house or connected promotion, although publicity and promotion is not included as part of your agreement. The emphasis for all external promotion is on you. You cannot reasonably expect a publicity campaign at no cost - so the more effort you can put in to pushing your book, the greater the rewards.


How to present your work

Manuscripts must be presented in an electronic format, preferably a word document , A4 and double spaced, if this is a problem we will accept PDF.

Cover image supplied by you - minimum 300 DPI (dots per inch) We can supply an image if required, see costs below.


Manuscripts must be set out to include the following

Title page

Copyright etc (we will help you format this)

Dedication page if applicable

Content page if applcable

Introduction page

Pages set out in chapter form

If not proof read, then a basic check for literals (spelling errors)

Bibliography - if applicable

Special thanks - if applicable


Please note - we accept your manuscript on an 'as is' basis. If you require a full proof reading, this can be arranged. This is never a cheap process. We will use an outside source for this service - approx cost £4.50 per 1,000 words.



Send your synopsis and two chapters

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