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Terms & Conditions for e Book

  • Manuscripts must be presented in an electronic format, preferably a word document.


  • Maximum text allowable 120, 000 words - larger books by arrangement.


  • Minimum pages per book 30 pages.


  • Cover image supplied by you - minimum 300 DPI (dots per inch). all supplied images must be copyright-free.


  • Textual content must not include the following - Extreme religious views, pornography, explicit or libelous content.


  •  All rights remain those of the author, and the posted e book can be cancelled at anytime after the first 90 days. You are then free to re-publish elsewhere.


  •  During the time of listing with Bookopedia the author must not publish in e format on any other website or platform.


  • No edited files will be returned to you the author


  •  On cancellation of your listing we will delete all prepaired files in accordance with your rights as the author and the data protection act.


  • All listings must be paid for in full before any work is commenced


  • We will effect up to three changes a year to your book details. These can include amendments to price, promotional wording and holding page on Kindle


  • Entirely new drafts and cover designs  will incur additional charges.


  • If you are not supplying a cover image - these costs we be quoted prior to publication, and must be paid for in full.


  • Should inappropriate material be submitted, there will be a standard deduction of £20.00 per manuscript to cover the incurrred costs of reading. (please read section 5 ).


  • Royalties are 35% - all statements, payments and adjustments are via Bookopedia and are charged at 30% of net royalty - We are sorry to say, that due to Amazon regulations, royalties are normally paid

         after your account has reached at least £50.00 .


  • We reserve the right to amend our handling costs in line with market pressures - we will in such circmstances, give 14 days notice of such changes -you in turn will have an option to cancel


  • Though no refunds will be due, we will of course honour all royalty payments.


        Please be aware that your application form clearly asks if you

        have read the terms & condition. If the yes box is left in tact, this is a

        clear acceptance of our stated terms & conditions.


        Bookopedia 2012