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Which Way Next - John Brown

The collection of articles found within this book are the ramblings of a slightly unhinged writer or the work of a profound incisive genius – dependent upon your respective view or state of mind.


Drawn from personal experiences, like the wedding of my daughter Georgina or the complete frustration of living in the modern world with all its technological advances but feeling slightly detached – I have attempted to express what I hope and pray, are not things solely singled out to make me feel inadequate or lacking - but the everyday frustration and madness felt by each of us as we face an ever increasing wall of stupidity from people who should know better.


If you recognize some of the situations I’ve touched upon, then welcome to the ‘Club’. If you don’t, then you are one of the lucky ones, and the rest of us would like to know where you live ? 


The New Book from Author of Return to OZ

 David Crestall 2009.12.15 17:34

Loved the book. What a pity you don't write for one of the Sunday's, I really would enjoy this sort of comment on a regular basis.

Thanks anyway,